About Kelliher & Associates, LLC

Kelliher & Associates, LLC was founded in 2007 and incorporated in the State of New Hampshire in 2008 to provide consulting and system integration services to the State & Local Market through the use of proven methodologies and new technologies. We provide a breadth of services to our clients that range from project planning, project management, IV&V to full System Integration Services. Our founders began working in the State & Local arena in the late 1980s and have continued to deliver services to this area of government since that time.


Our focus is on Improving the Business of Government and we have the experience in most facets of government including:


• Labor
• Justice
• Public Safety
• Revenue
• Education
• Lottery Agencies


As you will see in our project summaries, we deliver the highest quality Project Management, IV&V, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management services to numerous governmental agencies. These services are, and have been, our core business.


Our small corporate size and specific areas of expertise allow us to be flexible, rapid, and focused in providing these types of services. As a boutique firm headquartered in New Hampshire we have provided these services both as prime contractor and subcontractor. We have performed and are currently executing Large Scale Implementation Services, Operational Readiness Assessments, CSE SME and Project Management and Development Services on high profile projects including; a NewMMIS, CSES Development effort, Eligibility System and Legacy System Management project.


Kelliher & Associates, LLC stands ready to provide the services required to your organization and the experience of our team positions us to effectively and efficiently complete your project.